You’re Everything

I wore the clothes shared the dream kissed the smiles across the screen
I was confused by design
Shooting stars into my eyes blinded by all the lies
I was naked and cold I sold off my soul
I turned to G-D felt his hand lead me to a distant land
all the angels collide
I tried the needle and the spoon locked away inside my room
the words never came I gave in to my pain
Until I found Baby your everything
Baby you everything To me I need, I need

She held me down to my knees
beat the child inside of me
all lullabies lost
I couldn’t take another day this emptiness won’t go away
I was driven to tears, the end seemed so clear

He who seeks shall find
All the answers in his own time
Never play into doubt
It burns like a fire consumes your desire
Don’t make me, don’t make me wait for it now
Until I found
I was too blind to see
All this uncertainty
Baby you’re everything to me
I need , Too me

I tried to run I tried to hide the only way I could survive
through these dark desperate times, you where right by my side
you where right, right there, right there
Baby your everything
Baby you everything
I need I need
Baby you everything
I need, I need

Music & Lyrics by Philip Foxman