Heaven in your eyes

I’m gonna figure it out for myself
How to break down the wall reach the heaven sent
There’s an echo in my heart
You’re blood runs through my veins
the child in side your arms
It’s no good without you near me
I can’t stand up I lost the feeling
It’s no good I saw
Heaven in your eyes

Maybe I let you go too soon
I remember the words you said to me inside that room
And when my time comes
you’ll be waiting
Angel voices in the distance fading
It’s no good since I saw heaven in your eyes

You said life is a dream
A bitter sweet symphony
Next time around
you’ll be dancing on water dress like a clown

The cities bleak cold and lonely
without you here somebody to hold me
I guess I’ll wait until I see you
pay respects until I’m near you
it’s no good.
I saw heaven in you’re eyes. Heaven in you’re eyes/

Words and Music Philip Foxman